Here at 360, we’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest Director of Rehab candidates for our clients.
Every week our recruiters interact with talented rehab professionals that are interested in positions we have to offer. Of those, however, only a select few have what it takes to succeed at the high level that is expected of them as a 360 Director of Rehab.
A Director of Rehab candidate wears many hats, including the role of being a caregiver. Nowadays, many DOR positions require that the applicant holds a certain level of productivity, which means they are expected to treat patients.
Typically, we look for someone with a minimum level of three years of experience in a staff-level roll before considering them for a Director position. It’s best if that experience is in the same setting that the applicant wants to work in as a Director.
In addition to the expectation of treating patients, the DOR is expected to be able to lead a department which is composed of a team of therapists. DORs are often required to hold daily or weekly meetings to manage the staff.
Another key trait that is desirable is business acumen. More often our clients are asking for candidates who have the capacity to create schedules, manage productivity requirements of the team, and handle budgets.
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