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Immediate Jeopardy Defined

By | 2018-04-06T14:20:21+00:00 Apr 6, 2018|Client Services, Clinical Leadership, Nursing|

We are frequently asked how a deficiency can be defined as immediate jeopardy (IJ) when no one was injured or harmed in any way. Last month we focused on advance directives and the types of issues that lead to citations. Since most of these tags are IJs, we are focusing this month on why [...]

The Importance Of Continuing Education And Certifications For Long-Term Care / Nursing Home Administrators And Nurse Leadership

By | 2018-03-13T15:01:41+00:00 Feb 2, 2018|Clinical Leadership, Director of Nursing, Leadership, Learning|

As of 2014, there were 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S. caring for 1.4 million residents. Those numbers are higher today and will continue to grow as more and more members of the Baby Boomer generation live well into their 90s, an age at which the majority will require some form of assistive care. Long [...]

13 Ways Interim Healthcare Leadership Can Keep Your Long Term Care Facility Compliant

By | 2018-01-19T13:46:56+00:00 Jan 11, 2018|Client Services, Clinical Leadership, Leadership|

Healthcare operations don’t stop simply because one or more members of the leadership team resign, go on sabbatical or take another form of absence. That means organizations must quickly locate and install interim leaders to handle the duties of those staff members. Interim healthcare staffing is always an issue for providers, and we’re here to [...]

360 Healthcare Staffing Hires Todd Davis

By | 2017-10-20T10:10:53+00:00 Jul 14, 2017|360 News, Careers, Client Services, Clinical Leadership, Leadership|

Tampa, FL – July 14,2017 – 360 Healthcare Staffing, a division of PPR Talent Management Group is pleased to announce the addition of Todd Davis to the executive team as Director of Operations. He will lead the recruiting and account management teams and focus on the development and training of staff to ensure optimum company [...]

Keys To Hiring The Right Direct Placement Candidate

By | 2017-02-28T08:36:19+00:00 Feb 22, 2017|Clinical Leadership, Direct Placement, Leadership|

360 Healthcare Staffing prides itself as the industry leader in Interim Staffing, but did you know that we also have a proven track record of successful Direct Placement of pre-screened, qualified clinical leaders for LTC facilities? A Whole Different World The world of interim/travel nursing and leadership is a completely different process than the search [...]

Dreaming of Travel Nursing? Part 2 – DON

By | 2017-01-21T05:52:17+00:00 Feb 22, 2016|Clinical Leadership, Leadership, Nursing, Travel Nursing|

Are you a DON with long-term care experience? Do you have experience troubleshooting at both large and small facilities? Do you have experience with Survey Management? Do you have a proven track record in performance management and leadership? If so, you are a highly desirable candidate for a travel nursing opportunity! Experience in multiple roles [...]

Dreaming of Travel Nursing? Part 1 – RN

By | 2017-01-21T05:52:17+00:00 Feb 8, 2016|Clinical Leadership, Leadership, Nursing, Travel Nursing|

Are you an RN with long-term care experience? Are you a registered nurse with geriatric care experience? Do you have experience with memory care, wound care and/or dementia?Do you have a proven track record in performance management and leadership? If so, you are a highly desirable candidate for our travel nursing opportunities! Experience in multiple [...]

Why Long-Term Care Operators Require Different Types of Interim Leaders

By | 2017-01-21T05:52:17+00:00 Dec 17, 2014|Clinical Leadership|

Our clients come to us with varying needs for their facilities. The kind of leader they need will depend on the current state of the facility. Each situation can be unique. Are they preparing for survey? Have they just received results of an unfavorable survey? Do they need to cover an FMLA absence in a [...]

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