Keys To Hiring The Right Direct Placement Candidate

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Keys To Hiring The Right Direct Placement Candidate

360 Healthcare Staffing prides itself as the industry leader in Interim Staffing, but did you know that we also have a proven track record of successful Direct Placement of pre-screened, qualified clinical leaders for LTC facilities?

A Whole Different World

The world of interim/travel nursing and leadership is a completely different process than the search for a direct hire employee. In fact, there are several companies out there utilizing 360 Healthcare Staffing’s interim services as a way to continue business operations while they focus their own time and energy on finding that permanent resource for their facility. Hiring qualified talent for these roles requires a great deal of time, effort, and resources.

Top 6 Hiring Manager Action Items

As a hiring manager of a facility begins the search for the right candidate, they can find the whole process to be very overwhelming. Some of the questions a hiring manager of a facility may ask are listed below:
• How do I find the best candidate for my need?
• Will they be a cultural fit?
• Will they have the right background and experience for my facility?
• How do I focus my efforts on finding someone with experience in a non-profit facility like mine instead of a for profit facility (or vice versa)? Will this even matter?
• Where do I start and how long will this process take?
• How much does the salary need to be in order to attract and retain the right person.

Making The Right Choice

360 Healthcare has found that leadership roles are unique. Finding the right permanent leader is one of the most important keys to the success of the facility. The right candidate will improve census, improve survey results, boost staff morale, lower turnover, improve resident and family satisfaction, effectively manage the budget and profitability of the building, and so much more.
Finding the right leader means doing so much more than interviewing people who respond to a posted advertisement. The chances of finding an available candidate, who is also the right match, are slim. 360 Healthcare only presents candidates who match the need. Furthermore, upon presentation of a candidate, any concerns we may have will be presented on the front end. We are open and honest concerning our efforts, struggles, and successes. Detailed feedback following interviews allows us to further refine our search and continue efforts in a more focused nature.

A Different Perspective

Hiring the right person for your leadership can take some time. There is a great deal of qualified candidates out there who have strong experience, but not all of these are going to be a match for you and your specific needs. Their management style, the type of company or facility they are most comfortable in, and even their personality can all play a role in their success in leading a facility.
Many recruiters go into an interview trying to find reasons that the candidate is a match for the job. While this is important, it can skew your viewpoint if you are working to sell yourself on their ability to match the role. Our recruiters take a different approach and the initial screening consists of trying to find reasons that the candidate is NOT a match for the job. This eliminates the “rose colored glasses” that can affect the outcome of the interviews and cause some to overlook items that may hinder their qualifications for that specific role or company.

A Strong, Experienced Team Dedicated to Your Success

The team of Executive Search Recruiters here at 360 Healthcare have a combined 50 years of experience with not only leadership search, but specifically leaders in LTC. With options to choose based on the type of position that needs to be filled, we can help. Our team has an amazing network among the population of resources available already and this continues to grow daily as we source new candidates for other needs. With the amount of experience we have in this area, we know the right questions to ask to make sure that we are effectively armed with the right information to provide the right candidates for your needs.
Let us help. It’s what we do best, and more importantly, what we love to do.

Elli Merritt
Elli Merritt

Business Consultant, Executive Search



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