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Just having the credentials isn’t enough.

Beyond the experience and the knowledge, we look for the right attitude and the right motivation so you know the candidate has what it takes to do the job well and they’ll be a perfect match for your unique culture. We also offer the flexibility to handle all of your executive search needs. Our service offerings include retained, engaged, and contingency search.

Going above and beyond is what we do at 360 Healthcare Staffing. Take a closer look.

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We offer three distinct models of executive search, each tailored to your needs and preferences.

Our search consultants are trained and equipped to conduct in-depth sourcing and thoroughly screen all prospective candidates before submitting them to you. This is a people business so we focus on matching candidates, companies, and managers. We consider so much more than just qualifications and experiences. In order to be successful in any role, the candidates have to be a good match with the job responsibilities, the location/community, and the company culture.

Contingent Search

Involves no initial upfront fee for the client with the recruiter being compensated upon the successful completion of a search with a commission based on the salary of the talent. This model is most effective for entry level to junior management level roles, especially for large companies looking to fill multiple positions. While there’s no commitment on the client’s part in regards to a partnership with a contingent recruiter, that relationship is the same in reverse. The challenge with the contingent model is often that the contingent recruiter will devote less attention to an individual client’s specific needs. Additionally a contingent recruiter may present the same candidate to multiple employers and client’s run the risk of ‘losing out’ on the best talent.

Engaged Search

Involves an initial fee due upon engagement (usually a flat fee or percentage of the position salary) with the remainder due when the candidate accepts a position. This is essentially a combination of the contingent Search and Retained Search model and is most effective for mid-level leadership positions or for smaller company clients for whom a fully Retained Search is not cost effective. Much of the research and passive candidate sourcing is the same as with the Retained model, but the difference would be a matter of the search’s priority for the Executive Search Consultant and with the sharing of derived competitive intelligence. This model is more about providing talent to consider and less about consulting with regard to process or search innovation.

Retained Search

Involves an upfront retainer fee for services provided. Payment terms are usually a third of the fee up front, with another third due at an agreed upon time with the remaining payment due upon the acceptance of an offer. In this model, the Executive Search Consultant acts as a true consultant, advising the client company with regard to search process and thoroughly identifying, qualifying and reviewing potential candidates for specific leadership positions. This is a partnership between the client and Executive Search Consultant that most often results in the client finding the best and most uniquely qualified talent for their critical position.

Our Executive Search process includes the following steps:

  • Job Order Intake – We conduct an in-depth intake with every job order in order to ensure we understand the needs of your business and the ideal profile for your role.
  • Sourcing Strategy – Once we understand the ideal profile, we create a formal sourcing strategy that maps out our approach to finding the right people for consideration.
  • Screening – Every prospective candidate goes through a comprehensive screening and selection process before you ever see a resume. It is our job to make your life easier and we do that by only sending you the very best candidates.
  • Selection – For all candidates that make it past the screening phase, we administer a variety of job specific pre-screening assessments and conduct interviews that enable us to objectively assess their leadership competencies, functional knowledge and skills, and motivational fit for each role or client.
  • Candidate submission – We know your time is valuable, which is why our Search Consultants have a structured approach to submitting and reviewing prospective candidates with hiring managers.

We conduct searches for a wide variety of positions, such as:

  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, CNO)
  • President, Vice President, Director
  • Operations Leadership
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Clinical Reimbursement Leadership
  • Directors of Nursing (DON)
  • Assistant Directors of Nursing (ADON)
  • Clinical Consultants
  • Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinators (RNAC) and MDS Coordinators
  • Nursing Home Administrators (NHA) and Executive Directors (ED)