Regional Director Resident Services – Full Time

/Regional Director Resident Services – Full Time

Regional Director Resident Services – Full Time

This is a Regional opportunity requiring experience with Assisted Living and Independent Living.



Resident Care

  • Provides direction and assistance to Resident Care and Harbor departments as needed
  • Monitors community resident levels of care and service provisions
  • Monitors quality care measures and designs programs to address systems deficiencies
  • Acts as mentor to Resident Care Directors, Memory Care Directors and Traditional Care Directors


  • Identifies and executes needed collaborations to enhance communities’ service provision and marketing efforts with regional and corporate operations teams.  Participates in outside committees and organizations relevant to Resident Care and Alzheimer’s/dementia care
  • Demonstrates the ability to represent the community in a wide variety of public settings, including, but not limited to, making presentations to large groups and meeting community professional and government leaders
  • Provides assistance to the Director of Community Relations, Executive Director and department managers with particular attention to the medical, legal, financial and business communities who may influence the senior market


  • Develops guidelines, standards, and practices for Resident Care, Harbor and programming
  • Develops ongoing quality improvement programs for resident services and Harbor
  • Participates in development of new systems to result in customer/resident focused environment and company profitability
  • Determines and develops risk management programming and communication of issues
  • Trends At-Risk reports


  • Sets standards for resident service delivery including recommendation on staffing levels and roles and responsibilities, pricing strategies, and program differentiation and implementation
    •  Provides support to Resident Care, memory care and programming departments
    • Review effectiveness of current programs, processes, and profitability
    • Assists with national contract management (to support Resident Care)
    • Actively participates in risk management programs
    • Oversees resident and dementia care in conjunction with  Senior Operator-providing direction and assistance as needed
    • Plans, implements, and evaluates a rent up occupancy strategy
    • Participates in the identification and development of product development and value adds
    • Provides routine quality and Memory Care audits of communities within the cluster
    • Attends tracking meeting when in the communities

Talent Development

  • Determines and implements activities geared towards  leadership development among associates in Resident Care and Memory Care Unit
  • In conjunction with Executive Directors, is responsible for onboarding new Resident Care Director and Memory Care Director hires
  • Focuses on decreasing turnover and increasing retention of solid talent


  • Develops and implements training and education programs at both the cluster and organizational level
  • Provides assistance and education of technology in support of Resident Care and dementia services
  • Identifies and executes needed collaborations  to enhance communities’ service provision with  regional and corporate operations teams
  • Ensures residents and families are educated about residents’ rights
  • Consults  Human Resources before terminating an associate
  • Creates and maintains a warm professional environment
  • Assures that all staff is fully informed on the answers to the most frequently asked questions by residents , families, and prospective families
  • Facilitates regularly scheduled meetings with department heads and associates
  • Attends and participates in cluster Executive Director meetings
  • Manages appropriate communications to SVP Resident Care Operations
  • Possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and the ability to relate in a positive and professional way to a diverse resident and associate population
  • Proactively communicates trends, best practices and current assisted living events to the field


  • Ensures compliance with state assisted living regulations
  • Conducts site visits to communities within cluster
  • Provides guidance to resolve community issues/troubleshooting
  • Creates and monitors community correction plans
  • Monitors the quality of care at cluster communities
  • Discovers and communicates state regulation changes
  • Ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations (ie OSHA nurse practice acts, etc.)
  • Oversees risk management programs
  • Interviews RCD/HPD candidates for communities in cluster
  • Identifies SrRCD/SrHPD candidates within cluster
  • Assists with active recruitment of open RCD/HPD positions
  • Participates in RCD/HPD development plans and/or action plans
  • Fosters RCD/HPD growth
  • Takes corrective action and disciplines employees in writing if necessary
  • Provides input regarding Resident Care staff reassignments or terminations in coordination with Human Resources and Senior Operator

 Problem Solving/ Decision Making

  • Provides Resident Care/clinical/memory care expertise to the cluster teams to aid in problem solving and making decisions
  • Strategizes with regional team about best actions to take to address cluster business challenges

Job Requirements


  • Must be a Registered Nurse , BS or BA minimum
  • Previous experience in assisted living
  • Previous experience with start-ups
  • Must have a minimum of two years of experience working with elders or disabled individuals, as well as demonstrated supervisory and management skills
  • Must have demonstrated Leadership capabilities
  • Multi-community experience strongly recommended
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Assisted Living industry and Dementia care
    • Must have valid driver’s license

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Expected Salary — $105,000 – $120,000

Maximum file size: 2 MB.


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