Everyone knows the saying, “Your first impression is the last impression.” It is a statement that runs true in regards to a resume.

The job market in the post acute, long-term care arena for licensed administrators is especially competitive. The first introduction to an employer is your resume; make a positive impression. It is your opportunity to tell them why you’re the best in your field.

Stick to the Facts

A resume should always provide a factual and concise overview of your skills, responsibilities and accomplishments. It should be clean, having no grammatical or typing errors.

List your contact information at the top and include your name and discipline, mailing address and phone number. Make sure your dates of employment are accurate. Start with your most current position and work back, keeping to a chronological order.

If you are experienced in the work force, list your employment history first, ending with your education and licensing.

Highlight Your Skills, Responsibilities and Accomplishments for Each Position

1.    How many employees did you manage?
2.    What was the facility size?
3.    What star rating was the facility and were you able to improve and/or maintain that rating?
4.    List any financial accomplishments, program implementations or processes that helped improve the facility.

Resume Objective

Listing an objective on a resume is not necessary.

An objective is what you are looking for and want, and at this point in the game it really is about what the employer wants.

If you make your resume memorable, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals with the employer.