Earlier this month Aaron Barton, our employment manager, explained some fundamental do’s and don’ts for candidates putting together a resume for a Director of Nursing Services (DNS) position.

Continuing with the theme of what to watch out for when building your resume, Will L., an employment specialist with 360, has provided some tips for applicants putting together a resume for a Director of Rehab (DOR) position.

What is the most common mistake that DOR applicants make with their resumes?

Most DORs that have several years of experience don’t list what their personal productivity level is. It is also a good idea for them to list their department’s productivity averages. Therapy VPs are very interested in knowing how much money the DOR is capable of bringing to the company.

Why does it happen so often?

It is common for applicants to assume that companies just want to know their job title, duties, dates and years of experience, but with the changes in the past few years regarding reimbursements, decision makers are much more aware of the fiscal abilities of applicants.

What should appear in the position description for their previous positions?

As a DOR, they need to make sure they list financial accomplishments that they can take credit for in the therapy department.

What separates a good DOR Candidate from a great DOR Candidate?

Fiscal abilities and management style plays the biggest role in separating good from great. Many DORs have a lot of experience, but an ineffective management style, or limited fiscal experience, that holds them back from being great.