When our recruiters first engage with candidates, one of the first questions they ask is what their salary expectations are. For a candidate looking to move up the ladder, they may feel like they should ask for a higher salary than what they had in their last position. I asked Chris Houy, an Employment Manager on the Permanent Placement Team, for his thoughts on when a candidate should ask for more money.

When talking with a recruiter for a permanent position, is it best to tell them what you are currently making or what you would like to make?
The most important piece of information is what you will be seeking to make a change. This prepares a recruiter to sell you into the client and secure the salary you would need in order for you to accept an offer. This will prevent any surprises at the end of process and will get you the number you are seeking.

When is it appropriate to ask for more money than you are currently making?
This can be presented any time throughout the recruiting process. Our job as recruiters is to educate you on the details of the opportunity. By having strong communication, there may be other factors revealed (location, advancement opportunity, bonus, stock, benefits, etc.) that could become more important than a salary.

Will a 360 recruiter work to secure a candidate’s desired compensation?
Yes, absolutely. We present the top candidates to our clients and sometimes they are outside of the salary range. We want to ensure that our clients have a chance to look at every qualified and interested candidate to find the right fit for their open position.