Many travelers who take long assignments with 360 Healthcare Staffing have pets and don’t want to be away from them during that time.

As 360 Healthcare’s travel and hotel coordinator, I often have conversations with new hires who want to bring their furry friend along with them during their assignment. We completely understand this, but want to make sure travelers keep these tips in mind when traveling with a pet:

  • Any hotel you stay in must be “pet friendly”, meaning they have a policy that allows for pets to stay in their hotel. Often hotels will charge an extra fee for having a pet in the room. The rate varies from $75-$250. However, if the pet is a service animal, it is unlikely that the hotel will charge you to have the pet stay. To find a list of hotels in the area you can visit 360 Healthcare Staffing does not cover the cost of pet fees; that is the traveler’s responsibility.
  • Often airlines will differ in their policies toward animals. American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines and US Airways allow customers to carry small pets on the plane. Each requires that the pet remain in a pet carrier, and the cost varies from $95 to $125 each way.
  • There are no comprehensive rules regarding having a pet in a rental car. However, if the pet causes damage to the car, you would be responsible for the damage. 360 Healthcare Staffing will not cover that cost.

While there are other things to consider, those are the basics. Wanting to have your pet join you for a long travel assignment is fine, as long as you are aware of the rules that come with it.