Traits of a Successful Nursing Home Administrator

//Traits of a Successful Nursing Home Administrator

Traits of a Successful Nursing Home Administrator

For any nursing home, having an experienced and capable administrator at the helm helps ensures quality of care and the facility’s overall smooth operation. But not every licensed administrator is created equal. Some are more equipped to successfully handle a troubled facility. When it comes down to it, there are three areas that set great administrators apart from their peers.

Leadership traits. Leaders who follow guidelines are better placed in keeping the operations of care units effective and successful. Facilitation of staff through support and communication, incorporating staff in decision making, and the ability vary leadership style to meet needs of the individual building go a long way toward ensuring success as a leader.

Emotional intelligence. A nursing home administrator needs to have an intuitive sense of others’ feelings and perspectives, and the ability to show an active interest in them. They need an ability to anticipate, recognize, and meet both staff and resident needs. A successful nursing home administrator or executive director has the ability to sense what others need in order to grow, develop and master their strengths. From a business perspective, a successful nursing home administrator or executive director consistently strives to improve or meet a standard of excellence we impose on them. Additionally, they should be able to align with the goals of the group or organization. They should proactively address opportunities or issues without waiting for direction from others.

Personality traits. A good administrator has come up through the ranks of the facility staff. A great administrator actually connects with residents rather than just being a presence in the hallways. They lead by example, setting and maintaining their own high standards. In addition, they are flexible and able to adjust to situations as they arise. It’s important that a nursing home administrator is a keen observer, a strong teacher, a calming presence, a compassionate professional and consistent advocate for quality.

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