The long-term care, post-acute arena is a very competitive landscape. When recruiting highly-qualified nursing professionals and licensed administrators, we as recruiters are looking for the best of the best.

A candidate should do as much as possible to stand out and exude confidence during an interview process.

Clinical travelers are constantly being called upon for upcoming interim opportunities and it is vital to sound credible, confident and concise when speaking to a hiring manager.

As a quick rule of thumb, there are three tips you may want to pencil in when preparing for your next job interview:

1. Conduct a mental rehearsal and see yourself being successful and ensure your conversation ends on a positive note.

2. Attach yourself to an emotion where you felt very confident and mentally place yourself in this position once again.

3. Instead of informing the interviewer how great you perceive yourself to be, articulate the great things you have accomplished in your career as a clinical consultant/administrator.

You may ask yourself, “Why am I among the best in my clinical field? What separates me from the rest of the (traveler) applicant pool?”

360 Healthcare’s recruiting team speaks with dozens of candidates every week. The candidates whom present confidence over the phone will certainly be more memorable.