Our clients come to us with varying needs for their facilities. The kind of leader they need will depend on the current state of the facility.

Each situation can be unique. Are they preparing for survey? Have they just received results of an unfavorable survey? Do they need to cover an FMLA absence in a very stable facility? These are just a few examples of the requests we receive.

The most common request I get is for a strong leader who can hold staff accountable in a professional manner. To be the most effective interim nursing home administrator or director of nursing, our employees must be able to adapt their style and approach to the needs of the facility.

As an example, you may be recovering after a recent termination where the staff attrition is sky rocketing due to the doctorial/rigid style of the terminated leader. This may call for you to be more nurturing with the goal of improving employee engagement and team building. Or you may be asked to be firm and consistent in a facility that recently lacked leadership and structure.

Some of the competencies most requested are solid experience and knowledge in long-term care,  strong critical thinking skills, strong communication skills and superior customer services skills, along with financial and computer skills and knowledge.

What keeps our clients coming back to us with their interim needs is the depth of our roster of long-term care professionals. Knowing we can successfully fill their unique interim need with the right kind of leader for the situation is what makes us so successful.